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Are People Aware Of What U Do?

Interested In Launching Products?


Do you feel a need for value creation?

Do you need someone to handle crisis management issues?

Are you concerned over maintaining a positive

public image.


Whatever your respective or relative needs, we at Soapbox  will ensure to deliver you with a satisfying and proficient well balanced approach to suit any of your concerns.


We specialize in celebrity management with over seven years into the business we have worked with variety of clients. We offer a wide service area covering film industry, event promotions, exhibitions and launch campaigns. Using this experience, we can call on a wide range of resources and media contacts, using national and regional magazines, national and local press, radio and TV to achieve the publicity that you need.


What is PR?


Think about it this way thousands of stories flow through the various forms of media - your news are among hundreds competing for attention. Standing by are journalists, bloggers, analysts and consumers all looking for something that interests them. When your news floats on to them you want them to catch it. Visibility is key and that's what Soapbox promises to give you - but most importantly it gives you visibility with credibility.
Now wouldn't that be a charm?


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"Absolute professionals; which you would expect everyone to be, but rarely experience it, way to go Soapbox."


- Sharman Joshi


"Soapbox has been the only pr company that I have worked with and that is because once I started working with them I did not require anyone else."


- Ruslaan Mumtaz


"Soapbox is Great and Trust worthy team to work with."


- Karishma Kotak


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